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Make your summer last!

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Summer is winding down…with only four weeks before its official end, and a week or two before school begins. Anticipatory stress is building- for students and their families. Assignments for the summer- put off too long- and early morning wake-ups can feel daunting. The thought of homework, tests, and scheduling overdrive can be overwhelming.

First, enjoy the time you do have left. Think about what else you might want to accomplish before school starts back. Stay in the present while mapping out a plan for the transition.

Start paying attention to the school work due; don’t wait until the day before classes begin. Begin setting your alarm earlier to get used to the school year schedule. Review your school and after school activities calendar to ensure that in addition to the activities and study time, you have downtime.

Think about one activity you did that you really liked over the summer and see if there is a way you can continue it, or a scaled down version of it, during the school year. For instance, if it’s outdoor time, incorporate an evening walk several times a week; if it’s recreational reading, set a goal to read one book per month.

Life can be stressful but if we take the time for self-care with activities such as exercise, downtime, reading, and meditating, we can minimize the negative impact stress can have on us.

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