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  • I have thirty years of experience and training in helping children, teens, and adults struggling with their mental health (depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, eating disorders, body image, and addictions), and life challenges (parenting, divorce, intimate partner abuse, illness, caring for aging parents).


  • Talk and action go hand in hand. Let us find the right evidence-based interventions for you, whether through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Family Systems, or Psychodynamic techniques.


  • To find the right therapist, you must find the right fit, and then work toward your goals in partnership with your chosen professional.


  • I am a sought-after trainer and supervisor, with extensive knowledge of mental health, eating disorders, trauma, child abuse, and domestic violence.


  • As an organizational consultant, I am able to draw upon my 15 years as Executive Director, successfully operating and expanding Jewish Family Service of Bergen and North Hudson and the Family Service Bureau of Newark during financially challenging times. 


  • In expanding my Bergen and Essex County practice,
    Core Counseling, LLC, I am fulfilling my dream—
    promoting wellness and core
    strength in each of my clients.


er, MSW, LCSW, LCADC - Author of Strategies for Sanity Blog
“Lisa is knowledgeable, intuitive and sensitive to her clients’ core issues. Her honesty and integrity come through in everything she does. Our consultation over the years has contributed enormously to the accomplished therapist I am today.”

Bob H., NY, NY

“You are such a blessing in my life, Lisa. There is no possible way to thank you enough for helping me along this journey.”

Esther Y., Demerest, NJ


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