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Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and other psychodynamic and structured interventions, I help children, teens, and adults problem-solve.


We address your automatic negative thoughts that magnify depression, anxiety, disordered eating, body image, trauma, and loss. Counseling helps build positive self-esteem and develops strategies for success. 


When fixing a car, you want a top mechanic with the right tools to diagnose the problem and make the repairs. Invest in yourself the same way. Working together, we can expand your “toolbox,” giving you the confidence and skills to thrive.



You are not alone in dealing with body image, anxiety, trauma, or loss; the support
and experience of others can be very helpful. Expand your “toolbox” with structured exercises and shared discussion.



With 15 years of successful business leadership. I can help executives strategize, refine, and implement their personal and organizational goals and objectives.



I have facilitated workshops and conferences for 20 plus years. Topics include: Change Management; Social Entrepreneurship; Workplace Bullying; Community Building; Child Abuse and Neglect; and Substance Use and Abuse.


Let us meet to discuss your organization’s needs and design and implement a customized curriculum.



I am an approved supervisor in New Jersey for LSW’s and LAC's pursuing their LCSW and LPC certicications. Better understand - theoretically and practically - your client interventions and boundaries. Hone your techniques and diversify your repertoire. My commitment is to rigorous clinical training ensuring consistent, high-caliber professionalism in those I supervise.

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